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It's time to change the conversation.

Delivering outstanding customer experiences doesn't just mean you're loved; it means you outperform the market. As your customers expect more, you have a right to demand more of your CRM solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is shifting the conversation in the CRM industry (and there's lots of talk) to the topics that matter most, or should matter most, to you and your business. Scroll down to join the discussion, take a TestDrive, and learn how to put more awesome in your customer experiences.

Take the Microsoft Dynamics CRM TestDrive now.


CRM that collects dust? Not awesome.

CRM that people love? Awesome.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is training them for their jobs, rather than us having to train them to use the tool.

Mark Miles, CIO, aden + anais

Aden and Anais


"The efficiency gains we saw translated into a 11x return on investment in the first year."

- Paul Williams,Head of Information Management, Element Six

Bob Stutz

"User Experience is Critical"

Element 6

Ask More of your CRM

From within an account record, how many clicks to check a colleague's status or presence regardless if they are a CRM user?

From within an opportunity record, how many clicks does it take to email a colleague? Call? IM? Post to an internal social collaboration tool? What about a customer?

What effort and investment is required to embed communication and collaboration channels within the CRM system without the need to flip between applications?

When in an opportunity record, can users tell where they are within a specific marketing, sales, or service process without having to click around to see related information?

Does the interface adapt and provide contextual content depending on the information being viewed by the user?

In a given season, we track as many as 12 discrete campaigns with upwards of 1,000 pieces of creative. So there's a lot to monitor.

-Brian Woyt, PGA Tour


Ask More of your CRM

How does a CMO or other marketing leader gain insight into overall marketing spend and returns?

How does the vendor provide performance insights across the entire marketing mix, including traditional and social channels?

How does the vendor support the marketing process from budgeting to project management to content storage and creation?

How many vendors are needed to make up the complete marketing solution that meets your business' needs? What effort and investment is required to integrate the marketing system(s) with the CRM system?

How does the vendor support broadcast and digital media tracking and insights relative to the overall marketing mix? Are any special integrations required?

Is Your CRM Solution

Mono-channel marketing? Not awesome.

One view of marketing plans, spend, and ROI across

channels? Awesome.

"Unlock Your Potential"


From leads to sales 25% FASTER.

"With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we were able to match sales to leads 25 percent faster and report on campaign results and ROI in real time."

John Johnston, Marketing Manager, Volvo


Opaque transparency about cloud service operations? Not awesome.

Deep clarity on commitment to data security and privacy practices? Awesome.

The latest SaaS vendor pitch on why they don't need a service level agreement (SLA) is they are so proven they don't have to offer one. Huh?

Rob Desisto, Gartner VP/Distinguished Analyst

Microsoft offers a


financially-backed SLA

Ben Ravani

"Focus on Data Integrity"


Ask More of your CRM

Does the CRM vendor have data centers in the EU? If not, how does the CRM provider sign EU Model Clauses?

Does the CRM vendor commingle customers' data with other customers' data? What is the strategy to prevent accidental sharing?

Does the CRM vendor share information about its data center operations, including where data is stored & who has access to the data?

Does the CRM vendor offer a financially-backed service-level agreement (SLA)?

Has the CRM vendor lost customer data? Describe when, where, and the conditions in which the data was lost.

Our philosophy around mobile is that you should be able to get the data that you want anytime, any place, on any device.

-Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President of R&D, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ask More of your CRM

How many mobile applications are needed to address my sales team's needs?

Does the mobile application cache recently viewed data to allow users to see information when offline? Does this application have a separate price?

Show how a sales person could pull up a list of accounts or opportunities.

Does the mobile application allow dashboard views, and is the application different than main mobile CRM app? Describe how a sales manager would drill into dashboard results to the underlying records.

Describe the workarounds, customizations, and additional costs associated with delivering a mobile solution that meets my specific business needs and processes.

A Different Approach to Mobile:
People First

Empty promises on “out-of-the-box” mobile solutions: Not awesome. Data anywhere on any device: Awesome.

Bob Stutz

"A Different Approach to Mobile"

Raymond James

"My absolute favorite part of CRM: I can be

Anywhere in the world,

it's linked with Outlook, so I can find any client's phone number, email address, or address, anywhere I want from my smartphone."

-Matt Gerhardt,

Financial Advisor, Raymond James

Social is a channel, not a Silver Bullet

Social only? Not awesome.

Social + the ways you like to collaborate today?


Social is just the canary in the mine. It is the indication of the way the landscape is changing and has changed. And it is then incumbent on us to look at how we structure the conversations between all these media nodes.

Brian Harte, Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland

"A social CRM story..."

Tourism Ireland

Ask More of your CRM

Does your CRM solution allow social collaboration alongside other forms of traditional collaboration, like voice/phone, IM, email, and video?

Is it possible to check a colleague's status or presence while using the social capability in CRM?

Starting from an opportunity record, how many clicks does it take to email a customer or colleague? Call? IM? Make a social post?

Does the social collaboration solution provide an audit log of the conversations? What about the IM tool?

How much will it cost for all employees to participate on the same internal collaboration network, with the appropriate level of functionality?